Make an effort please

Posted on 05. Jan, 2011 by shubz in Shopping Bag Central

I just bought the most gorgeous lingerie set from Myla, as you can see from the images below they do the most beautiful pieces…

But the packaging leaves a lot to be desired, maybe its just because of the sale that’s currently on, but Its basically a plain paper bag (nice colour though) with Myla printed on it.

For a fairly high end brand, and that to, a high end lingerie brand , I am dissapointed with the packaging ..

Compare it with Agent Provocateur … they go all out,

First there’s the lovely pink bag (not made with thin paper)

Then there’s the beautiful box, all wrapped up with a lovely bow

And Finally, the lingerie is wrapped in black tissue and they also always throw in a catalogue which just makes you want to go back for more ..

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